mission & vision

Walk to Remember Inc strongly believes in developing and enhancing programs and services in the communities of Roseau, Lake of the Woods, and Marshall counties in the state of MN.

our Volunteer team

Jill Wulff & Paula Peterson

Our founders

Walk to Remember Inc

Foundation History

Anna Stewart


Forget not those who cannot remember

Paula Peterson
Chief Vice President

Jill Wulff
Chief Executive President 

For 20 years my sister and I have been creating Alzheimer's Awareness with facilitating two support groups, putting on community education programs, and sharing our story and experiences about our Mom.
We attended a Walk out of town and decided to bring it to our own community. We are so thankful  and would like to express our appreciation to all of the businesses, families and  friends for sharing our dream.

  • Five years ago we held our first Walk. Raising over $16,000, our second was over $32,000, third was over $40,000, fourth was over 47,000, we then left the Alzheimer's Association, became incorporated and received our 501(c)3.  Changed our name and our goal. 

  • What this means for the community is we are able to keep our donations local. For care, support and research, dementia specific.
  • ​​Participating in the Walk to Remember is the single most significant thing people in our area can do to make the biggest impact on this disease.